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How to reset PG Database on Heroku?

How to reset PG Database on Heroku?

  • Step 1: heroku restart
  • Step 2: heroku pg:reset DATABASE (no need to change the DATABASE)
  • Step 3: heroku run rake db:migrate
  • Step 4: heroku run rake db:seed (if you have seed)

One liner

heroku restart; heroku pg:reset DATABASE --confirm APP-NAME; heroku run rake db:migrate

Note 1

Heroku doesn’t allow users from using rake db:resetrake db:drop and rake db:create command. They only allow heroku pg:reset and rake db:migrate commands.

More info:

Note 2

If you have more than 1 remote, append --remote [your_remote_name] like this:

heroku run rake db:migrate --remote dev (dev is example remote here)