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jpillora/grunt-aws: A Grunt interface into the Amazon Node.JS SDK

Adding a style css file to grunt vendor

Editing the dependency’s bower.json file is what I was after. (bower_components/FOLDER/bower.json)


"main": "rzslider.js",


"main": [

This sticks the css file in my index.html under the vendor section. Hopefully this’ll help anyone else who comes along and struggles with this.

Link de referência.

AngularJS – grunt-ng-annotate

Com a utilização do grunt-ng-annotate você não precisa mais fazer isso:

angular.module("MyMod").controller("MyCtrl", ["$scope", "$timeout", function($scope, $timeout) {

Basta fazer assim:

angular.module("MyMod").controller("MyCtrl", function($scope, $timeout) {

Pois com essa dependência quando der grunt build e minify ele vai gerar de maneira correta.