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Comandos básico do Git

Git is free & open source, distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.
Git Documentation

GIT Init:

mkdir ${project_directory}
cd ${project_directory}
git init

Add files:

git add <filename>
git add .

Remove files:

git rm <filename>

Rename files:

git mv <old.filename> <new.filename>

Ignore files:

cat .gitignore

Commit Files:

git commit -m 'Initial commit'

Diff files:

git diff                 # changes between index and working files
git diff --staged        # changes between HEAD and index
git diff HEAD            # changes between HEAD and working files

Last commit:

git show                 # review last commit
git show --stat          # just the stats
git show --name-status
git show HEAD
git show HEAD^^
git show master~5
git show master@{june.23}

GIT updates:

git fetch                # To get updates
git pull                 # To fetch and merge


git log                  # See commit history
git log -- some/file     # Limit to specific path
git grep -e "pattern" --some/file
git log -p
git log --stat
git log -5 master@{yesterday}
git log --since="2 weeks ago"
git log --before="2 weeks ago"
git log --author="Vaibhav" --since="10 days ago"
git reflog


git branch -l            # Local branches
git tag <tagname>

Git Format Patch:

git format-patch -1

Clonar um Projeto do Repositorio:

git clone


git config --global "Vaibhav Gupta"
git config --global ""

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